Whole Artist Marketing: Writers Edition Pre-Release Download

The Book Includes:

  • Becoming a Whole Artist
    • Consider Your Process
    • Find Your Place
    • Good Habits
    • Discovering Your Readers
    • Expand Your Horizons
  • Writing, Editing, and Production
    • Writing Your Book
    • How to Write a Book
    • The Rewrite
    • Editing
    • Preparing to Sell Your Book
    • Production
  • Building your Audience
    • The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing
    • The Standard Marketing Sequence
    • Enjoying The Ride

The Write Kit team has gathered over 20 years of experience marketing books online and distilled all the best bits just for authors, so you can get traction in your book release right away.

Our philosophy is centered around making sure you keep your creativity in tact. Marketing isn't a dirty word. We help you get you work out to the people who need to read it.

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