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Our Story

We understand the struggles that authors face better than most. We've had the same challenges you're probably having right now, which is why we created The Write Kit.

The Write Kit is a whole new way of thinking about your work and what it means to be successful. We help you create a writer’s life that’s fulfilling and complete. We teach you how to find the time to devote to yourself as an artist and connect with readers, while providing you with specialized tools to build your audience.

After 20 years experience in the creative arts and technology, we noticed we were creating the same workflows and systems over and over again. We were also spending too much time researching the latest best practices used to grow readership and reach.

It was time to turn our collective knowledge into a program that others could follow–even those with very little experience with book publishing and online marketing. And so the Whole Artist Marketing course was born. Knowing best practices is helpful, but without the tools to implement them, they don't really get you anywhere.

The Authors Application Suite soon followed. We designed and built it from the ground up. It's our belief that software should get our of your way so you can keep moving forward. Our goal is to make things as simple and enoyable as possible, so you can keep focused on what you really love to do: write.

The Team


Liz is an Emmy® Award Winner and the founder and CEO of VidLit Productions, LLC, the world-renowned book marketing and content development company. She has co-edited and contributed to What Was I Thinking? 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories (St. Martin’s Press, 2009), based on the VidLit series of the same name.

She is also a magazine writer of both fiction and nonfiction. Well over one million people have viewed her short story, Craziest, on the Web. She has deep experience leveraging a variety of internet technologies as well as film, video and animation production, podcasting, marketing, promotion, and has coached writers about the most effective ways of telling a story.

Her digital career includes writing and producing original programming for Carrie Fisher, Bill Maher, David Foster Wallace, Cherry Lane Publishing, Microsoft Interactive, Bill Bryson, and others. She was Creative Director of News Corp's internet content group, and has been a consultant to all of the major Hollywood studios in the area of digital rights and content strategy for over 20 years.


Jesse has been designing and building marketing applications and websites since the late 1990s. Specializing in entertainment media and the arts, he has delivered solutions for Capitol Records, Warner Music, and News Corp. He has managed engineering teams at The Walt Disney Company, Google, and Bain Ventures.

Prior to his software career, Jesse served as a recording engineer at Los Angeles’ top studios, working with artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Jackson Browne, and Whitney Houston.


Paul is the author of six books, among them The Clothes Have No Emperor, My Bad: The Apology Anthology, and The Little Quiz Book of Big Political Sex Scandals. He has written extensively for dozens of publications, including The New Yorker, Spy, and The New York Times, and blogs regularly on Medium and Substack. His work has been anthologized in White Noise: The Eminem Collection, The I Hate George W. Bush Reader, and other compilations.

He edited Norman Lear's memoir, Even This I Get To Experience, Carole Bayer Sager's memoir, They're Playing Our Song, and collaborated with Carrie Fisher over the course of her writing career, editing her first novel, Postcards From the Edge, and her last memoir, The Princess Diarist. He co-wrote the feature film Picture Perfect starring Jennifer Aniston for 20th Century Fox, and co-created the NBC television series Fired Up.

He considers his life’s work to be amassing a memory for a nation allergic to accountability and addicted to amnesia.



Utkarsh is a senior software architect and developer specializing in scalable, consumer-facing web applications. He graduated with a BCA in Computer Software Engineering from Gujarat University. He comes to us through our software engineering partner ManekTech, who serves clients throughout India, Europe, and North America.


Grace is a Southern California-based writer and performer. With a background in dance and acrobatics, she brings a unique focus and discipline to her work. She has been copywriting professionally since 2014.

With a B.A. in Theater Studies from UC Santa Barbara, Grace studied narrative, character development, and story structure. She writes stories that blend divergent perspectives while embracing the characters’ common humanity.

She loves to operate between genres and pursues writing that is both original and accessible to all audiences. She is currently developing a series for Norman Lear’s company, Act III Productions.


Progress is currently pursuing her masters in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (May 2023). Her research incorporates science, health, and communication science with the goal of leveraging personal narratives to empower underserved members of the community.

She graduated with honors from Wingate University and interned at Matthews Free Medical Clinic. Progress recharges herself by developing new hobbies, spending time with her family and friends, serving at her local church, and participating in joyous movement.


Liz is a marketing technologist from Nairobi, Kenya. Her portfolio of projects includes planning and executing social media, marketing strategy , and content development. She has degrees in environmental studies and business administration, and is a certified full stack web developer.

She is fluent in English and Swahili and serves clients in both North America and across the African continent.


Matt has designed and built user experiences, interfaces, and learning systems for over 20 years across a wide variety of verticals. He has worked for the Berlitz Corporation, Bank of America, and The Walt Disney Company.